Thinking More Deeply About Life, Every Moment and Honesty

Be as you wish to seem. ~ Socrates

We should all care to think more deeply about life and every moment within it.  So many don’t though. For one; we’re too busy getting to the next moment.  Two; as humans, we don’t live life at a slow enough pace that we even give much thought to moment to moment living.  We barely give any real thought to the day-to-day aspects of our life.  Too much becomes routine.  What happens in the process is life is literally passing us by…  and quite quickly.

We are living our lives at such a rapid pace.  We miss so many opportunities to think more deeply about who we are and about how we want to be perceived.  How do we want to be remembered when we are no longer here?  Our legacy is attached to that.  It’s not just about what we leave behind in the material or monetary form.  It’s about what people; family and others, will say about us when we are gone.

Not everyone leaves this world having been known completely by everyone that knew them.  People tend to let others in on only what they want to.  There are exceptions.  Some do know us a little bit better.  But, if you have lived your life genuinely being as you wish to seem, people do get to know the real you.  To speak on you later; they will actually be quite accurate.  That means you lived being your genuine self. The only issue with that is that you are content with whatever “genuine” is.

Honesty is just one example of a decision we make within a moment’s notice.  It is a choice.  It can and does impact our life for better or worse.  Honesty vs. Dishonesty!  

I’m a very honest person.  It’s not an understatement to even say I can be brutally honest.  That’s not something everyone can accept.  It can hurt people if what I’ve said is taken the wrong way or too harshly. It’s not always easily immediate but there is responsibility to accept in order to be mindful of that.  No-one every really wants to sacrifice good intention for a bad outcome requiring any degree of healing.

I do not embrace lying and can’t stand blatant lying.  I have zero tolerance for a liar.  I have no appreciation at all with anyone involving me in a dishonest conversation.  I am always disgusted by anyone who tells lies on another person.  That level of comfort within one’s self I just can’t understand or justify.  Nothing about it is necessary.  We, as humans, can be better than that.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been subject to it though.  Time and time again; I have.  I can’t control the behaviors or decisions of others.  It happens.  Yet; every moment presents a choice to be honest or dishonest. I believe honesty is the best policy.

Regardless of honesty, I prefer a life void of individuals who have caused me to say things intended to hurt their feelings.  Like most; I’ve done it.  Typically without hesitation; retaliation for hurting me, a child or defending the underdog.  Something gets blurted out.  Since a young child, I’m known to instantaneously assist anyone bullied or abused.  Overtime; I gained comfort in also doing so on my own behalf.  Some of it stems from relationships on their way out or already dissolved.  I’d rather not have such human interaction.  Those are the unhealthy relationships that we should all try to avoid or end.

I’ve had few people in my lifetime that I’m certain no matter what they tell me, it is always going to be the truth.  Have I had a lot of honest conversations?  Yes!  Have I had a lot of always honest conversations? No! Am I ever given a choice?  No!  Do I choose them for the rest of my life?  No!  My journey is my own. I want to have a say.   It matters to me who tags along.  Honesty is at the top of my list of qualifications.

Having a reputation for being honest carries weight.  It is part of our genuine character.  The world in general does not send the message that honesty even matters.  Thinking more deeply about our life in terms of honesty is worth it.  It’s like a check-in on where we are at this moment in time and how far we still have to go.  We live in a society where people are less and less acting as if honesty even matters.  But it does!  Honesty translates to matters of trustworthiness, morals, ethics, integrity and so on.

Our individual lives can often resemble the clutter of obstacles that wound our mind; our thinking.  Our ability to think deeply is of such great importance.  It has a great affect on our attitude, mood, actions and words. To think deeply is a key factor of our existence.  Unfocused thinking lends itself to an unfocused life.  We; our life, tends to be what we think.  If you can think honestly, you can become that honesty.

Breathe!  Don’t let who you want to become, if you’re not there already, overwhelm you.  Believe! That’s something we have to be mindful to do.  That means not giving up.  Often as a result of life challenges and disappointments, giving up is something we might consider.  Instead, consider just continuing to work toward being that better you.  Dare to just breathe and believe.

Life can often too easily overwhelm us.  To merely breathe is almost like expecting too much.  Life can make us feel tested in what we truly believe.  Indeed; we are in many ways, constantly tested.  We must each find our own individual ways to explore who we really are.  What will people say about you when you are no longer here?  Do whatever works for you to have a say in the final answer.

Wherever you’re heading; it’s your journey.  This is your life story we’re talking about.  Just breathe! Never be convinced that honesty does not matter.  Believe that all things are possible.  Believe that all can be better, because it can be.  The further removed we become from what matters, the further removed we will be from ever returning to a time when so much was better.


You’ve got the floor…

What’s important to you about how people will speak of you when you’re no longer here?  Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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