The Struggle in Moving Forward, Living Positive, Despite Hurt and Disappointment in Others

Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you will be criticized anyway.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt  ~

As time passes, more and more people are beginning to give more thought to their life as it is.  Life, as they know it, is not at all what they want.  They want to live a more positive life.  One of the first things they begin to do is mull over it with themselves.  Whether it’s with thoughts about themselves or others in their life, they want to start feeling their life has greater meaning.  That is; that their life is counting for more than it has so far.  The birth of a child, the death of a loved one, recovery from a serious illness, loss of employment or maybe even feeling some level of envy over what someone else is doing with their life. These are some of the reasons we begin to rethink our life.  Bottom line, many people just want their life to count for more that it does.

More and more people are expressing being so tired of going to bed or waking up feeling disappointment. Every time they turn around they’re hurting over something in their everyday life.   They’re starting to pay attention to the causes.  They’re questioning what needs to change for life to feel more positive.  Why does life feel so negative?  Who’s always bringing negativity into their life?  You’re not alone in your thinking.  Not everyone is satisfied with who they see themselves as.  Not everyone is ok with what has unintentionally crept into their life.

Rethinking life as it is has many realizing they want more.  To require more of themselves sometimes means to deal with less from others.  Less drama!  Less negativity!  Less disappointment!  Less disruption! Less anything that doesn’t feel good.  Stuff that’s just draining and toxic.  They’re tired of allowing the same old stuff into their space.  It’s starts to be understood that in order to change your life, you have to rid your life of some stuff.  That’s not always as simple as it first seems.

When you don’t care about your life, you can always find people who will support that.  If you’re not giving much thought about your life, there’s always others who don’t give much thought to your life either.  But, you can also always find people who do care about the direction of your life.  You have to be willing to do the hard part.  Wean out those who don’t care whether you succeed or not with whatever it is you want for you life.  Keep those who fully support the direction you want your life to go in. Everybody is not in your life to see you keep moving forward without struggle.  Don’t expect to see them put forth that kind of effort into your life when they can’t even do it for their own.

No-one can tell you that the struggle in moving forward with living a positive life, despite any hurt and disappointment in others will be easy.  The longer you make it a focus, the easier it will eventually become.  The main reason for that is because you’re doing what you’re supposed to do.  Make you and your life a priority.  You’re here, in your life, for a reason.  If you’ve decided to pay more attention to that, you will eventually understand this one very hard lesson.  The best work you will do in your lifetime, you will do alone.

To see good change happen, we sometimes have to first suffer.  It’s the suffering through the struggle of realizing that not everyone cares about what you want for you.  It’s the suffering through the reality that hurt often accompanies effort to do better.  There is real pain in that reality.   This is where you start to feel the hurt and disappointment in just the knowing.  Knowing that not everyone is pulling for you can bring about tremendous hurt.  Not everyone understands or cares that you just want to live being who you genuinely are.  Some people only care that you are what they need you to be.  If they can’t relate to you on your terms, there is a problem.

Let no-one turn you into someone you don’t feel good being.  If you’ve already made significant changes in your life that you know are for the better, let no-one turn you back into that person you used to be.  Not everyone is in your story for the right reason.  No matter what; vow to allow no-one to break your spirit entirely.  When it begins to feel broken, get your spirit back.  It might take a minute to recover from the hurt.  But, make the effort a priority.  

You’re not here in this world to give up your destiny.  Your life has purpose.  Continue to live from your soul.  There is where you get to know the best of you.  Your true identity.  There you will always find your true character; who you genuinely are.  Your journey is your own.  You really don’t have to explain it. Those who are in your story for the right reason don’t require an explanation.  

So many on this earth will never embrace and carry their purpose out.  Mainly because they unknowingly choose, due to limited thinking, to merely exist.  We were all born with purpose.  Often; in order to live with purpose, we have to let some people go, despite the hurt that may accompany doing so.  When people show you who they are; believe them the first time (Maya Angelou).  Remain steadfast and live authentic.  Don’t miss any blessings because of other’s nonsense and limited thinking.


You’ve got the floor…

What do you require more of in your life?  What do you require less of in your life?  Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

2 Replies to “The Struggle in Moving Forward, Living Positive, Despite Hurt and Disappointment in Others”

  1. Thank you for your positive points of view. It is heartening to see that in the midst of confusion and frustration you can also see the silver lining.

    To answer the questions you have raised:
    1. What do you require more of in your life?
    I really would like to have the sense of being on the right track and a sense of fulfilment and
    achievement; of being valued and cherished.
    2. What do you require less of in your life?
    I positively need a lot less stress and confusion and anger and angst. I hate the sense of
    being in a limbo, of being sucked into a dark and aimless place.

    1. Thank you for sharing. I hope you remain steadfast in all that you seek for your life. It may feel like really hard work. Sometimes, even just thinking about changing or even removing whatever (or whoever) is bringing us down, doesn’t feel good at all. Give yourself whatever is necessary to not go into that dark, aimless place. Remember; one day at a time and if/when need be, one moment at a time. Thank you for being here Lalitha.

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