The Inner Peace of Accepting What You Can Not Change

This very moment is the perfect teacher and, lucky for us, it’s within us, wherever we are.
~ Pema Chödrön ~

Life has a way of finding us feeling as if we’re always with stress from one source or another.  It can seem like every time you turn around there is something else taking your attention, draining your energy and challenging any positive attitude and efforts you try to put forward.  Practically every day we’re having to face the reality that society is so full of complex issues that we have to absorb the existence of.

Finding peace might feel like it’s just too trying to just have a slice of serenity.  A slice that’s yours and only yours.  No-one else can have even the tiniest piece.  I understand and relate to the demands of stress. After awhile, it can take a toll on our time; our life.  Still make it a priority to keep seeking peace.  

Accept what you cannot change
We have but only so much we can change.  The things we cannot change or influence, no matter what, are the things we should not enable to be a concern.  It is what we can find ourselves lingering over the most. It can cause worry, stress and depression.  I do understand that it is not at all always easy to just let something go.  I totally get it.  Sometimes because we care, we focus on things that are not within our control.  It can be hurtful.  It can knock us down.  It’s easy for someone else to ask you why you even bother to let that stuff worry you the way it does.  It’s an easy question.  But, there’s not necessarily an easy answer.  My answer always ends up resembling something like, “It’s just who I genuinely am.  I wish it wasn’t.  But it is”.

Sometimes, it’s the just being who we are and how we take things to heart that has those very issues being what affects the heart.  It’s emotionally felt.  It is not at all feel good stuff sometimes.  Some people can honestly say they’re not going to let that stuff stress them out.  And they mean it.  Others!  Well; they mean it too.  But, it’s just not so easy to pull it off.  Still though; do yourself a great fairness.  Make every effort with no stopping from trying allowed.  Keep working on not continuing to worry, feel down or upset about that which you cannot change.  One of those times, you just might realize you’ve done it.  Finally! Whatever it is, it’s not bothering you anymore.

It might be one issue at a time.  That’s perfectly fine.  At least you’re making it a priority to feel some relief.  You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself trying to tackle too many things at one time.  Chances are, it didn’t all hit you at once.  It might feel that way.  Maybe some things did happen fairly close together.  Still; take on no more than you can bear.  It’s important to know your limits.  Know your point of overwhelm. You don’t want to defeat the purpose by taking on more in the meantime.  What’s more important it to know your limits in every aspect of your life.  There is a way back to a place of inner peace.

All the worrying in the world will only accomplish taking a serious toll on you; emotionally, mentally and even physically.  Don’t care so much about what others are doing, what you think they think or how they behave.  Nothing is going to change just because you concern yourself so much about it.  When you get to a point that you really don’t care, automatically you will release an enormous amount of anxiety and/or stress.  What;s been feeling like a huge burden that you’ve carried for far too long will be lifted off your shoulders.  You’ll feel lighter.  You’ll feel peace.

I am not nearly as good at maintaining inner peace while coping with every single thing that I cannot change as I am at never losing hope.  I’ve learned though, to make me a priority.  Actually, I insist on it. With that mindset, I’m always conscientious to keep working on it.  It’s the fairest I know to be to me.  I matter!  So, for the sake of relief as quickly as I can give it to myself, I do work on it.  I make it a priority to keep seeking peace.

Never lose hope
Hope is something you can never afford to lose. With hope you always have a path towards peace. Whenever we get too stressed out and overwhelmed within our own life, we don’t always feel hope.  In fact; we may even forget hope.  At least for the moment.  But, don’t forget.  Keep hope very much alive.   The sun always shines after a rainy day.   It’ll come out again.

I feel a lot of peace in just knowing, deep within my heart, that everything will be ok.  With hope, I know that whatever seems so terrible at the moment, is only temporary.  Soon enough; things will be just fine, or at least better.  That’s my belief despite whatever I’m going through.  Sometimes, it lifts a lot of that negativity from me that’s determined to pull me down.  Sometimes, I can actually feel better pretty much instantly.  Sometimes, it doesn’t happen so quickly.  Whatever has a hold doesn’t pass quickly at all.  Still, I don’t lose hope.  It’s losing more than you may realize.  Hope itself, is often a source of inner peace. Never lose hope.


You’ve got the floor…

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