Society is Fed Up but There is So Much to Choose to Do

Kindness is more than deeds.  It is an attitude, an expression, a look, a touch.  It is anything that lifts another person. ~ Plato  ~

Politics can be such an ugly topic.  As we’ve seen played out on television, time and time again, it can go bad in record time.  Some people can quickly decide that turning anger into violence is ok.  I can’t even begin to explain why it is believed to be ok to, on purpose, hurt other people; emotionally, mentally or physically.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion.  It’s supposed to be ok to express one’s beliefs without the risk of harm in any way.

I’m not one to delve into the topic of politics.  If I do, it’s typically not outside of the closest of close.  For me, that’s a very tiny amount of people.  At least I know no matter what my thoughts shared are, it won’t end with me being hurt and violence won’t break out.  This article will be one of the rare times you’ll see me touch on the issue.  But even still, there is a greater point I hope to make.  It’s not really intended to be about politics at all.  It’s my small part effort to influence others to believe that even though society is indeed fed up, there is still so much people can choose to do to make things a little bit better.

What prompted me to write this article was a post by a former classmate on social media.  It began with “This is a very difficult time for many people…”  It was intended to be uplifting.  It encouraged people not to give up even if they did not receive the outcome they hoped for.  The post contained no ill will intended or delivered whatsoever.  As it continued, it stated, “We were able to put one of the greatest Leaders President Obama, in office.”  That was the part that filled me with a strong desire to say something.

No matter who is brave enough to speak up and try to make a positive difference, there will always be those who agree and those who don’t.   That is entirely ok.  For whatever it’s worth, (and I do hope it means something more than it means nothing), I’m choosing to be brave enough to be one voice.

The reality is, the “we” that put President Obama in office was really more like “we the people” as a human race.  That, for me anyway, was the most heartfelt reality.  But, as much as I adore the current family as a family, it wasn’t a perfect presidency.  It also wasn’t just some one other race that put the now, new President Elect in the position to soon take office.  The people have spoken; just as they did in 2008, 2012, all previous election years and certainly will in all future elections.

Yes, society is indeed fed up on so many levels about so many things.  People have become hungry, to the point of frustration, for something different.  I believe it’s fair to say, this year’s election outcome definitely gave that.  But, regardless of who is in office, we can choose to realize that this nation is so much bigger than any one president can ever manage to please all the people within it.  

If we can choose to believe that something good will (must) come out of this, then we can also believe that we all can do something good to influence it.  No matter who the president is, there are constantly issues within your community, throughout the nation and definitely the world that any one of us among the nation’s entire body of people, can choose to advocate on behalf of.  Each one of us is in the position to make a positive difference.  

There will never be a perfect presidency.  But there will always be an important cause that any one of us can choose to be part of and not just what’s trending right now.  The burden for good change can not and should not ever rest solely on the current President of the United States.  Every term, no matter who’s in office, there will be issues that get discussed.  Some result in change, whether good, bad or indifferent.  Other issues won’t even get addressed, at least not to any lengthy extinct by change makers.  

Oh; but wait!  That’s right!  It’s within all of us; our right to change something for the better.  We can be change makers too.

The best place to start is with something you’re quite passionate about.  Sometimes, to start in a small but significant way can begin a great path toward a life of humanitarian work.  Have you ever noticed how something as simple as a smile, a hug or a kind gesture goes a long way with the recipient?  Have you ever had the experience of someone thanking you profusely for something you didn’t think was that big of a deal?  Little things always matter.  It might be little to you but a very big deal to someone else.

You may never know what results come from your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

We are living in very sensitive and complex times.  But, any of us can choose to be part of good, positive change.  Be willing to go do something good.  The choices are almost endless.  Homelessness, poverty, child abuse and/or neglect, hunger, domestic violence, gang violence, gun violence and violence in general.  Heinous crimes are off the charts.  Animal cruelty!  Pet adoption and animal shelter volunteers continues to be a need.  Foster care/adoption hasn’t reduced in need.  There are a lot of elderly people who either live alone or reside in a skilled nursing facility and get very little human contact outside of healthcare service providers.  Even education and illiteracy.

All these social issues, and then some, exist in every state throughout our nation.  Still yet, it doesn’t touch on all that’s happening throughout the world.  Anything any of us step up to do, each person and every effort, we begin to make the nation (and the world) a better place.  

The entire world needs help.


You’ve got the floor…  

What social issues or humanitarian work are you involved in?  What do you find most rewarding?  What do you find most challenging?  Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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