Living in The Present Moment

When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened.  To be in the moment is the miracle.  ~ Osho  ~

Your thoughts are always of a specific point in time.  Thoughts pertaining to the past, present or future. Thoughts of what was or could have been, what is or isn’t, what will be or hoped will be.  The mind can be a very busy place with an overflow of thoughts.

In the moments of not being present you are sacrificed for time.  Your mind goes to the past, it goes to the future.  At times, past and present are intertwined.  Thinking of the past, hoping the future will be different.

It’s understandable to devote time to thoughts of the past for reflection or daydreams of the future.   You don’t want to spend long periods of time there.  To be in a peaceful place of the present moment, you have to be mindful not to allow thoughts of the past or future to dictate your emotions and thinking. That’s a point where it feels like anything but inner peace.

Live in this present moment
When we’re worrying about something, most of the time, it’s got something to do with the past and something that’s already happened.  If it is related to the future, chances are it’s what we want or hope will happen.  A desired outcome of a place we wish to reach in our life.

Living in the present moment it removes those thoughts.  Worrying about the past won’t change whatever happened.  The present moment allows you to focus on right now.  Being fully present in the current moment can offer inner peace.  In the present moment, there are no problems or concerns. There is a stillness.  Allow the stillness. Within it you can reveal peace.

I’ve had to do the hard work to learn to embrace just this very moment.  It’s real easy to slip into another time-frame.  I have to work at it regularly.  Being a deep thinker, it’s likely I’ll always have to.  It’s so easy to find past and present thoughts; often twined, filling my mind.

This moment is what you for certain know you have.  Make the most of it.  Learn to be in the present moment.  Leave the past where it is.  It sometimes has a way of giving back to you without actually revisiting it.  Get back some sleepless nights.  Recognize and feel the newness about each day.  Live in the present moment.  Again; let the past stay where it is and the future stay where it is.   The past has already happened.  Nothing can be undone.  Don’t look back.  That’s not the direction you’re going in. Don’t be overly concerned about the future.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Be present in this moment so that your life can be more peaceful.  Again, it’s the only moment you know for sure you have.

Don’t give away your power to your circumstances 
When you think about the bigger picture, you may feel your problems are small by comparison.  I am so mindful the world is a very big place.  Each day we wake up to something new.  It is a reminder that no matter what we’re going through, it is true that someone else, somewhere in the world, has it much worse.  Whatever you’re going through shouldn’t have the power to decide a particular outcome.  You have the power to become less consumed by what’s going on in our own life.  It can allow you to be mindful that somewhere else in the world the struggle is far greater.  Being able to look beyond your own self is very important in finding peace.  By comparison; your own life’s stuff might not be so bad or sad after all.

Continue to care about other people
When we show care toward others, it can feel good.  We may not even realize at the time that it feels good.  That’s because we’re just honestly caught up in the caring.  It can offer a feeling of peace to be there for someone other than our own self.  There is no peace to reach by only caring about yourself, your needs, your wants. When you genuinely care about other people there is much goodness that comes out of that.  Any feelings of stress seem to just disappear without even realizing it.  That’s because both your heart and mind are preoccupied with caring about someone else.

When I’m busy helping others, I don’t even think about myself.  Whatever I’m going through almost disappears.  It feels real good to help someone else with what they’re going through.  To be fully present in making a difference in someone else’s life is such an amazing feeling.  It’s actually priceless.  When you do it from your heart, it’s not even that big of a deal really.  At least not to you.  But, it tends to be a very big deal to the people you’re reaching out to, to help or just being present for.  There is an amazing sense of peace that comes from that.

Seize the power of a smile
When we are laughing or smiling, we feel better.  Negative ceases to exist.  Stress is put off.  Neither gets to be part of our emotional state of being.  It’s something else entirely, the difference a simple smile can make.  Begin to see, or at least try to imagine, the difference genuine laughter makes.

Last year, my son had said he’d help with rearranging the living room.  I actually refer to the space as the social room.  Through the years; it had become the space for just socializing, sitting relaxed, chatting, enjoying company.  Anyway; I wasn’t looking forward to it.  I felt I had enough on my plate.  But, it needed to be done.  A few extra pieces had shuffled around the normal place for my plants.  The space just didn’t feel free flowing or organized.  I’d already envisioned what would move and to where.  It shouldn’t take too long, I thought.  I had the radio on a station we all enjoyed.  I don’t even remember what song prompted it but, next thing I knew, to the tune of the music, my son did this silly dance step.  My husband followed suit.  Well; just standing there, looking ever so serious, totally out of character, I gave it my best shot and did the same.  We all burst into laughter.  After that; my entire mood changed.

Laughter does the body, mind and soul good.  It’s also contagious.  Peace so easily enters a space of smiles and laughter.  Next time; intentionally notice how comfortably peace appears when you’re busy smiling or laughing.

Step outdoors and enjoy nature
When you think about it, unless you’re automatically that outdoorsy person who makes sure you spend a lot of time outdoors, you probably spend a lot of time inside.  Four walls and a roof!  Confined!  You may not have given much thought to how once upon a time, that’s not how it was.  It was second nature to be out in nature.  Being out and about, enjoying nature can do wonders for your peaceful place.  It feels good. Sitting in a park, taking a walk on your street or even just sitting outdoors in your back (or front) yard can be quite calming.  Even from a comfortable chair near a window, just looking out at the trees, up at the sky, listening to and studying the behavior of a some small animal (birds, for example), can offer inner peace.  If you can travel further, try a nice walk along a woodsy path or trail.  Love the ocean?  A nice long walk or simply sit at the shoreline, starring out at the water.   It’s really a bit hard to feel stressed while looking out at the ocean; as far as the eyes can see.  Spend some time just sitting and starring at beautiful nature.  It’s really amazingly peaceful to look at and listen to.

Don’t push yourself so hard all at once
You’re not expected to have all the answers to everything you don’t understand today.  You don’t have to try to be better than anyone other than who you were yesterday.  It’s fine to want to improve upon who you already are.  But, learn to accept yourself right where you find yourself in this moment.  The next moment is not promised to you.  So, lighten up a little bit.  Know that it’s Ok to have some plans for your life.  But, nothing can compare to time.  Today is what you have.  Give yourself moments of peace.  In fact; do that each and every day.  Don’t live stressed out and worried about something all the time.  Stop trying to save everybody from their lives.  You are only responsible for saving yourself.  The gift of time is what you have one moment to the next.  How you spend it should matter.


You’ve got the floor…

Do you find it hard to live in the present moment and to make peace a priority?  Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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