Live Your Life Just Being Yourself

I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting not doing what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I’d just been myself. ~ Brittany Renée  ~

Each time we make small yet, significant decisions to fit in to someone else’s time, someone else’s life, we remove a little bit of ourselves. Deep down, we hide who we are for the sake of someone else. That is nothing to be taken lightly. We’re denying who we really are. If we do it long enough, it can be hard-hitting to realize how much of ourselves we have sacrificed for the sake of others. It can be hurtful when we realize we’ve done this, for however long, yet we don’t feel others have actually given up anything in terms of who they are.

To deny our own truth is not always for the purpose of fitting in. Sometimes, it’s to just show up and be there for someone else. To let them know we’re always there. This is whether it’s an inconvenience to our own selves or not. It’s sometimes about being too nice, or at leas that’s how it ends up feeling. To say no can feel tougher than the disruption we cause to what we’d rather be doing.

To make choices that more reflect who we are is less likely to be filled with regret than you might think. You’ll be challenged to find anyone who says otherwise. There is something quite rewarding about being true to who you are. You’re living in your own life and embracing your own journey.

The longer you remain brave enough to be who you are the easier it becomes.

Be your unique self every day.

Whether you believe it will be well received or not, be you. Don’t shy away from saying things just because others might not if it were them. Don’t follow the crowd with whatever everyone else is doing if it’s really not what you want to do. Have your own style regardless of whether it’s what others might go for. If you want to say no to an invite, a party, a family gathering, girls/guys night out, or whatever, then just say no. If you want alone time, time to just regroup or just because, then take it. It’s yours to take. You’re going to suffer feelings of being drained and possible resentment, if you keep doing things based on what everyone else is doing when you really don’t want to. Live your life just being yourself and feel good about it.

Think about what you truly value.

Your likes, loves and interests are not connected to anyone but you. Be free to express your truest desires for you. Spend time doing the things you want to do in life. Start living life doing the things you are passionate about. You might need to give that some serious thought. What is it that you haven’t done that you want to start doing or doing more often? Put a plan in place and make it happen. It has nothing to do with what others like or don’t like. It’s about you and what you still have yet to do in your life that you’ve had placed on a back burner for too long.

Walk away from the needless drama.

Be brave enough to have the wisdom to step away from the drama. If you’ve lost yourself to the drama of other people’s lives, go get you back. Allow the positives in your life to give you the strength to let the negative go. It gets easier as you get used to removing the nonsense from your life. It doesn’t mean the people are bad people. Humans do some messed up things sometimes. You choose who you are around.

Build relationships based on who you are.

Your circle may become smaller. That’s ok! What matters is that you can feel you have the choice to be around like-minded people. People who are more on the same page as you. You don’t have to give up being kind and caring. You also don’t have to care so much about what other people think. Being yourself has nothing to do with other people’s expectations or opinions of you. Draw on the support of those who accept you just as you are. Those who don’t; it’s not you, it’s them. So don’t take it personal. You really can’t change how people treat you. You can’t control what they say about you. You can have a say in how you respond and react. Sometimes, no response (or reaction) is the best response. You can forgive but not forget. And remember, forgiveness is not what a weak person does. Forgiveness is what strong people do.

Allow mistakes to be your inspiration.

Going forward, you already have everything you need. The rest is up to you. Anything negative from the past does not predict your future. Your life will begin to improve as you take small steps toward improvement. First and foremost, stay honest with yourself as you move into the comfort of just being yourself.

You’ve got the floor…

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