Live With Purpose and Keep Striving to be a Better Human

Wake up every day and know your life is the most valuable you have.  For without it, nothing else exists.  ~ Mindful Memo ~

We’ve got this one life.  Every day is challenging enough without any outside influence.  The greatest you could ever give yourself is to live; truly live, your life with purpose.  After all; you were born with purpose. To live being your authentic self, despite other people’s expectations, negative or opinions, is a beautiful thing.  To be comfortable enough with who you genuinely are, but a willingness to always want to be a better person and inspire others to do the same, is the realest you can live, as a human on this earth.

Cling close to positive, like-minded people who encourage you to be and do your best.  Sometimes though; to be alone, to just be by yourself, is the fairest thing you can give yourself.  Spending time with self can offer an amazing opportunity to reflect on what your purpose here is.  What is it you’re supposed to do?  Why are you here?  We’re all born with purpose.  It’s already been decided.  You have to be willing to take the time to realize what it is.  Chances are, it has much to do with something you’re already quite passionate about.  It may or may not be something you’ve even paid a lot of attention to before.

Be careful what you wish for.  You just might get it.  Sometimes we have a tendency to decide on something we want for ourselves, but it’s not necessarily carefully thought out.  We put the wish or prayer out there without being specific.  When you spend time really thinking it out, there’s a better chance we haven’t missed something important to you.  Some vital part that you didn’t consider.  A great example is wishing or praying for someone to come into your life.  But, have you truly given great thought to who that person really needs to be that you’d like to meet?

Years ago, in a conversation with a cousin about feeling I was now ready for a new relationship.  Considering my full plate of work, college, managing my home, I pretty much just said, “But, he needs to have his own.  His own job, his own car and his own place to stay”.  I didn’t want anyone showing up needing me for nothing.  I had my own.  He needed to have his own.  Really, when you think about it, I hadn’t really named very much had I?  Who was that person really needing to be for me to feel we might possibly be the best fit for each other?

With that; she said, be careful how you pray about it.  In other words, she was telling me to be specific.  I thought about someone who’d entered my life for a hot minute in the recent past.  I won’t even get into that.  Let’s just say he had too many personal life issues that had him in his own way.  It was almost overwhelming.  I wasn’t trying to be his savior, which is much what he seemed to require.  I definitely didn’t need to get all involved to the point that his stuff could override my peace.

Countless times, I’ve heard or seen someone on social media sharing that they’d like to meet someone nice.  They’d like to meet someone who goes to church.  Each time, all I think about is what my cousin said to me.  I always hope, for their sake, that they’ve extended their thoughts far beyond that statement.  It can’t be left just hanging like that.  No matter what it is one wishes for their life, there’s always much to consider.

Wake up every day and know your life is the most valuable you have.  For without it, nothing else exists. Be careful what it is you believe you want for your life and who’s selected to travel along.  All that glitters isn’t gold.  Your “friends” are a reflection of who you yourself are.  It’s your choice who stays and what improvements need to be made.  

People sometimes think they’re good at hiding what they don’t want to own up to.   It’s apparent enough. Others do see it.   Some people just expect that even if their ill ways are noticed, they are not to be addressed. It’s most likely you will make an enemy before you make or keep a friend.  Honesty hurts sometimes.  While it’s not supposed to be the outcome, for some, to speak truth against their lie, is like cutting them open and exposing the darkest within them that they have no intention of owning or exposing while they are here on this earth.

Follow your own heart and mind.  Just live!  Live!  Live your life with the purpose you are here for. Kindness matters!  It always matters.  Have a voice!!  Outspoken does not equal unkind.  

This much I know for certain; this moment is all you and I have for sure.  For each moment that keeps showing up, be sure to truly show up in it.  That’s living not only with purpose, but on purpose.  

Live your life authentically.  Strive to be the best version of you.  Life can often too easily overwhelm us. To merely breathe is almost like expecting too much.  Life can make us feel tested in what we truly believe.  Indeed; we are in many ways, constantly tested.  We must each find our own individual ways to explore who we really are.  Look at is as a guide to getting to where we really want to be within ourselves. Acknowledging where you are at any given time helps tremendously with deciding what’s to be next.  It might help to view it as goals.  Where do want to see yourself in terms of change in six months, two years or a decade from now?

Wherever you’re heading; it’s your journey.  This is your life story we’re talking about.  Just breathe! Never be convinced that honesty does not matter.  Believe that all things are possible.  Believe that all can be better, because it can be.  The further removed we become from what matters, the further removed we will be from ever returning to a time when so much was better.  Just do your small part.  Never doubt that it is significant.  It does matter.

When we see things in other people that is not at all like who we are, it can be extremely challenging to move past that.  It often catches us off guard.  But, once we’ve had a dose, we do at least have a better idea of who the real them is.  It’s disappointing and often even hurtful to have to realize someone is not at all who we at least hoped they were.  Maybe even who we needed them to be.  But, we can’t always be an influence on people wanting to be more genuinely nice, kind and honest.  In the best way, as real as real can get.  Nothing fake about them.

No matter how difficult things may get sometimes, keep striving to be a better human.  Don’t let your circumstances dictate the changes that come into your life.  Don’t let a temporary situation define you.   Here’s to you and to me; to keep striving to be a better human.  We’ll all have to answer for our choices during our lifetime.  Maybe this side and the other.


You’ve got the floor…

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