Mindful Memo is for a continuously growing community that supports each other in living a more mindful life.  It’s a source of inspiration, simple wisdom and mindfulness. Lessons from everywhere to learn, teach and inspire new ways of embracing life’s journey with less struggle for inner peace and purpose.  To think more deeply, not just about our own personal lives, but our community, society, the world.  Grow into the comfortable place within yourself to live your own authentic life.

Think Deeply, Live Authentically

Mindful Memo to think more deeply about every moment of our everyday,

our life and purpose and live authentically, uplifing and kind.

Apply what we know and what we learn to our own every day life.  Authentic stories, from people of all ages, are sometimes shared.  Not for judgment. Being mindful every life has a story, we can often learn from, be inspired by and even feel understood or not alone through other people’s story.  So many areas in life; relationships, social issues, work, school and so on, have become overwhelming for many.  People are feeling down about the present, the future and even the past. 

Mindful Memo is intended to be encouragement to live our life’s purpose.  To be deeply inspired by a desire to make a difference and to be an avenue for coping with the challenges of a complex world, society and life. This site was founded for all of us.

All Mindful Memo content is for purposes of sharing, truth and kindness toward everyone who does so.  All subjects are open for discussion but please be kind.  There is already an overwhelming amount of negativity and unkindness in the world.  Be the kindness you wish to see in others; in the world.

To see that be is the best possible outcome…

Hello and Welcome!  The journey to here began in 2009.  The greatest lesson; stick to what I’m passionate about.  I’ve remained brave enough to keep at it.

Many years ago, as my position in Corporate America was phased out, I’d already realized there was something else I wanted to do.  At the time; mainly, I wanted to work in the field of human services… and I did, for many years.  I knew it to be a broadly defined field which can merge into other areas such as social services, criminal justice, psychology and sociology.  So; true to my interest (and myself) those areas became my field of study.  I went as far as the pursuit of my Masters degree.  Almost halfway completed, I withdrew.  Carefully considered, I decided I didn’t need that degree to do what I wanted for the rest of my life.

Do Good!

Make a positive difference…

in as many people’s life as possible.

Creating Mindful Memo is an amazing blessing.  An opportunity to pull from knowledge, passion, research, critical thinking, life experiences and lessons learned.  Being able to combine it all into one single space, well; it’s a beautiful thing. 

Over time, I realized I’ve been on the path of my calling my entire life.  Reflecting back on my life, I also realized being my authentic self, who I genuinely am, has always involved making a difference in other lives.  I’ve always wanted to see people be the best they can be. 

Just some of what I’m proud of. 

There have been so many lessons along the way.  The unplanned life experiences; unhealthy relationships, letting people go, letting “stuff” go even after letting the people go, loss, grief and healing, unhappy workplaces, challenges and conflict with intentionally living an authentic, non-conforming life.

Regrets?  Absolutely!  I’m just not the one to claim otherwise.  But, I do claim being grateful for lessons learned.  I believe who I am becoming is not only exactly who I’ve been all along but also, who I was intended to be; before I was even born.

Wrapping up; here’s just a little more about Mindful Memo…

You’ll find articles posted about letting go, peace, honesty, kindnessmotivation, inspiration, mindfulness, spirituality, relationships, love, happiness, fun-days, minimalism and simplicity.  While not a site specifically about religion, much here notably originates from Christianity principles.  Each of us can decide what’s practical and what can make a great difference as it pertains to our lives.  It’s about a desire to be a better human.

Please know, nothing on this site is intended to offer or provide legal, medical or any other professional advice.  It should not be viewed as a substitute for seeking professional medical or psychiatric care, help or treatment.  Please seek the professional care you believe you are in need of.

I believe we have many beautiful places in this world.  Much of it naturally exists.  I believe the world can be a better place.  I believe honesty and kindness matters.

Thank you for being here and for becoming part of the Mindful Memo Community.

Jacqueline Diane
Founder of Mindful Memo