Mindful Memo is a growing community that desires and supports living a more mindful life.  A source of inspiration, simple wisdom and mindfulness.  Thinking more deeply about life.  Growing into a comfortable place to live your own authentic life.  Lessons from everywhere to learn, teach and inspire new ways of embracing life’s journey with less struggle for inner peace and purpose.  Apply what we know and what we learn to our own every day life.

It’s about a deep desire to live your life more mindful and manageable. A range of daily life topics are covered.  Being present in the moment, committed to observing thinking, living an authentic life and doing so without seeing it as a good or bad thing.

Mindful Memo is about living life consciously aware of the things you still wish to do.  Being mindful of how you want to live, where you want to be in your life.  Leaving the past behind (where it belongs), not overthinking the past or the future. Being aware of your current circumstance, thinking more deeply about the present and living more authentically.

Everything about life can have a deep affect on living a more meaningful life that’s satisfying to your heart’s content.  Whether it’s close to home matters regarding your job, family, other people, home itself or not so distant longing to relocate, move back to (or away from) your home state, travel more, just go somewhere, do something different; everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you make.



Hello and Welcome! The journey to here began in 2009.  One of the greatest lessons learned I’d like to share; stick to what you’re passionate about.  Remain brave enough to keep at it.  

For almost a lifetime, I’ve loved art, photography, poetry, reading and writing on pretty much anything that has an inspiring, spiritual or soulful affect.

Creating Mindful Memo has been an amazing opportunity to pull from knowledge, passion, research, critical thinking, life experiences and lessons learned.  Being able to combine it all in one single place, well; it’s a beautiful thing.

There have been so many lessons along the way.  The unplanned life experiences, unhealthy relationships, letting go, letting “stuff” go even after letting people go, loss, grief and healing, unhappy workplaces, challenges and conflict with intentionally living an authentic, non-conforming life.

Regrets?  Absolutely!  I’m just not the one to claim otherwise.  I believe to claim no regrets is the same as saying if given the opportunity to do it all over again, there’s nothing I would change.  That’s simply not true.  So; yes, I claim regrets.  But, I do also claim being grateful for lessons learned.  I believe who I am becoming is not only exactly who I’ve been all along but also, who I was intended to be; before I was even born.

Wrapping Up:  Just a little bit more…

  • You’ll find articles posted about mindfulness, letting go, peace, kindness, motivation, inspiration, spirituality, relationships, love, happiness, fun-days, minimalism and simplicity.   

  • While not a site specifically about religion, much here notably originates from Christianity principles.  

  • Each of us can decide what’s practical and what can make a great difference as it pertains to our lives.  It’s about growing through life issues.  It’s about a desire to be a better human.



Mindful Memo is intended to be encouragement to live our life’s purpose.  This site was founded for all of us.  All articles are open for sharing truth and discussion.  Please be kind.  There’s already an overwhelming amount of negativity and unkindness in the world.

Thank you for being here and hopefully now part of the Mindful Memo community.


Jacqueline Diane
   Founder of Mindful Memo