At Mindful Memo, we’re dedicated to discovering ways to help you live your life more mindful and manageable. We cover a range of daily life topics. Being present in the moment, committed to observing thinking, living an authentic life and doing so without seeing it as a good or bad thing.

Mindful Memo is about living life consciously aware of the things you still wish to do, being mindful of how you want to live, where you want to be, leaving the past behind where it belongs, not overthinking the past or the future. Be aware of your current circumstance, think deeply about the present, live authentically.

Wrapping Up: Just a little bit more…

Everything about life can have a deep affect on living a more meaningful life that’s satisfying to your heart’s content.  Whether it’s close to home matters regarding your job, family, other people, home itself or not so distant longing to relocate, move back to your home state, just go somewhere, do something different, everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you make.