4 Simple Life Changing Ways That Can Also Change the World

 It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do. ~ Jane Austen  ~

If we strive to achieve our greatest potential, focus on making every moment matter and being mindful to maintain lives we all genuinely love, together we could accomplish anything.   Not only would society change but, the world would for better.  A world where everyone  believed in themselves and each other.  A world where each of us empowered one another.  A world where everyone felt inspired to live their lives to their greatest potential.  The behaviors and thinking of people would be free of insecurities.  People would live a life void of  any form of abuse.  No-one would be subject to any form of harm.  Everyone would thrive in realizing their dreams and making them a reality.

Wow!  Imagine everyone banning together to solve all society’s issues.  Just imagine what a world we could have.

It could be reality.  It starts with you.  It starts with me.  If we want the world to be better, we must be the change we wish to see.  We must be an example of that which we wish the world to be.  We can then inspire others to do the same.

Here’s four simple life changing ways that can affect change in the world.

1. First, begin with yourself

You must start with yourself if you want change in the world.  When it’s all said and done, you really only have control over yourself.  The whole you!  Your actions, thoughts and vision.  If the actions you take, the thoughts you think and the visions you have are positive, you will have better experiences in your personal and professional life.  It gets noticed!  The same way negative can have a tendency to rub off on others, whether they want to be affected by it or not, is exactly how positive can have a great influence in the life of others.  It can be contagious.  That’s definitely a good thing.

2.  Dedicate to on-going self-improvement

When you commit to on-going self-improvement, you will experience growth.  You’ll become more inspired to be more and do more.  Your life will have increased meaning as you continue to enhance all that you wish to see differently than perhaps you did before.  As you continue to evolve your life, it inspires other people to want to do the same.  The more people affected by your on-going self improvement, the better it is for the world.

3.  See challenges and obstacles as opportunities

Challenges and obstacles can be a main cause for you giving up and deciding the work is just to hard.  People want better for themselves, but often give up when it starts to feel too hard to keep at it.  Pretty much any great levels of achievement are going to be accompanied through challenges and obstacles.  Stay determined to overcome them.  The path in which you will now travel is expected to be a bit rocky at times.  You see that you are able and it inspires you to stay the course.  You’re putting in the work required to create the life you want for yourself.   Others will be encouraged by your steadfast mindset to keep going.  This gives them confidence that they too can achieve the life they wish to have for themselves.  They’ll be motivated  to also see their challenges and obstacles as opportunities.  They’ll be encouraged to keep at it, knowing it is possible.

4.  Share your wisdom

Be willing to share what works for you with others.  You are wise beyond belief.  Share that wisdom!  You can help yourself and others in the process.  The more you help others the more you will help yourself.  As you learn, you will also teach.  Others will also do the same.  It’ll be a natural instinct to want to do for others what was done for them.  Everyone achieves!

Final thoughts…

We, as a society, can do better.  We can be more.  Change is not only possible but doable.  It begins with simple challenges such as holding ourselves accountable for our own actions, behaviors and visions.  What you believe is what becomes reality.  If you believe you can change, be an influencer, make a difference in the world, then you will.

Each of us has the power within us to live the life we were born to live.  You deserve it and it is possible.  Many people don’t believe so.  They think they are stuck in the life they have and that change is not possible.  They think that the life they have is as goods as it will ever get.  As you grow in your own life, others will take notice.  They will see that if it is working for you, it also can work for them.

Imagine the positive difference you can make in your community, society, the world.

You’ve got the floor…

In your pursuit of self-improvement, how do you manage challenges and obstacles?   Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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