12 Things to Do for You Every Day

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver ~

What we do with each day should not be taken for granted.  Life is so very short.  I’ve been reminded of that many times, many ways.  With the loss of many family members, schoolmates, childhood friends and even neighbors, I have wondered whether any of them died with any regret.  Did they live life the best they could, follow their dreams, accomplish all their goals?  With a few, who were undeniably younger than anyone should be prepared for the loss of, I feel certain there were things left undone.  With each of them, I’m certain there was at least something they may have done differently, better or not at all.  I say this with confidence simply because to live is to have some things we would likely do differently if we had a do-over.

For the past eighteen years, I’ve noticed I pay much more attention to my own life.  What’s important, what’s still left that I hope for and want to do?  I’ve learned to make me a priority.  I’m better at saying no without discomfort.  I realized that all of this was really just me coming into who I really was all along.  Like so many other people, I’d allowed distractions, procrastination, excuses and even fear, to put off that whatever it was I had really wanted to do.  Yet, I’d spent my life being very good at making other people a priority. 

Regrets?  You betcha!  To claim “no regret” is to say there’s nothing I wouldn’t have done differently if I had a do-over.  That’s simply not true.  But, life is full of lessons.  Lessons have a way of paving the way to greater things in life.  I insist that I be a priority in my own life.  I now live always focused on my life’s purpose and the journey.

I would hope that no-one would allow regret to absorb their life.  At some point, simply let it go.  None of us is perfect.  We weren’t created to be perfect.  But, I can’t think of anything worse than to have lived a lifetime, whatever that ends up being for any of us, and not have ever managed to make ourselves a priority.  If you haven’t been doing so, start making yourself a priority.  It could be the difference in living happier.  Every day wake up and be mindful you also matter.  Life simply isn’t going to stand still while you try to get the right balance.  It won’t happen all my itself.  You have to do the work to make it happen.

Every day, do this for you.

  1. Every day do what needs to be done.– You were born to achieve.  Achievement happens when you’re willing to work at it.  The willingness to plan what will be positions you to have greater expectations.  Work toward what will be and do what needs to be done, every single day.

  1. Every day reach and improve yourself.– Always dream, reach and keep your vision. Reach higher than you imagine is possible.  Don’t be concerned with trying to be better than anyone else.  Just be concerned with trying to be better than yourself; the person that you already are and know.

  1. Every day listen to your own inner voice.– Some of the happiest people are those who care least about what everyone else thinks.  Those are the people who listen more to their own inner voice.  Leave others to their opinions.  You’ll find there is great freedom in living by the guidance of your own inner voice.

  1. Every day take small steps forward.– Being willing to take the small steps means you understand you may not have it all figured out.  Still, you’re willing to stay forward thinking and to keep moving forward.  Giving up is not an option and neither is letting someone else win in matters of your own life.  You will figure out what’s best for you and it will be you who takes the appropriate steps every day.

  1. Every day give yourself a chance to rise a little bit higher.– Holding on to whatever holds you back will never get you to the place you want to be.  Think more of yourself than you do whatever it is that is no longer leaning in the direction you want to grow.

  1. Every day think positive.– Your thoughts can be either the strongest or weakest thing you hold on to.  Thoughts are powerful enough to destroy your joy.  Think about it for a moment. A good part of your life has been dictated by your thoughts.  Plant different thought seeds.  You can change your thinking.  Right now is a good time.

  1. Every day be willing to make mistakes.– Making mistakes because you’re trying is far better than not trying at all.  Greatness can be discovered through the mistakes we learn from.  It won’t work to carry the expectation of discovering your greatness if you’re more into avoiding or denying.  At some point, you have to be willing to let it go, no matter how bad the mistake made is.  Don’t live life full of regret.  Instead, view it as one of life’s lesson learned.  Then, move on from it.

  1. Every day embrace your struggles.– Struggle is one of the main things in life which we can grow stronger from.  It prepares you not only for that which you will overcome but that which you will grow stronger from.  You’re being prepared for what will become the challenges of tomorrow.  Rather than view struggle as mistakes in your life, view it as growth in your life.  No matter how unpleasant, how uncomfortable or unnecessary the process is, it’s all part of your life’s journey.  It is not intended to break you.  It’s intended to be part of learning how to get to the place in your life which you will choose to be.

  1. Every day make the best of it.– Whatever you go through, don’t allow it to be so significant that it overwhelms your ability to view it as a contribution.  It will contribute toward the weight becoming lighter with time and determination.  It’s then you’ll see that the challenge you experienced paved the way and prepared you for what’s meant to be for your life.

  1. Every day get back up.– You’ve heard the saying, “Only the strong survive”.  It has more meaning than you might realize.  It is your strength that will keep you going every time.  When you refuse to give up, even if feels like you’ve been defeated, you always win.  It may not feel like it at the time.  Still be willing to rise from every fall.  You’ll realize you’re stronger than you thought.  You are not defined but what happens to you.  You’re not defined by any decline in your life but, rather by how well your get back up every time.  Just when you think you can’t; think again.  You can.

  1. Every day walk comfortably in your own shoes.– You’re not here to follow the path that others take in life.  They may want you to and may even show upset if you don’t.  Don’t concern yourself about that.  Leave it as what it is.  Their problem; not yours!  It’s so easy for other people to decide for others just how they should live their life.  These are the very people who couldn’t imagine letting you tell them what to do with their life.  Let them be concerned about the path of their life.  You concern yourself about your path in life.  People are sometimes quick to expect someone to follow their lead as if they somehow know what’s best.  Look closer!  They’re not perfect and often neither is their own life.  Keep your energy on your own life and your own destiny.  Be comfortable wearing your own shoes.  They fit just fine.

  1. Every day smile.– Wake up every day with the attitude it will be a good day.  You will have much to smile about.  To lose your smile is to lose your focus on being happy. Be determined that every day you will see a reason to smile, to be cheerful, to be happy regardless of whatever each day may bring.  The greatest part of you is not to be defined by your circumstances.  Your attitude matters too. Keep your smile.  It belongs to you.

You’ve got the floor…

Which point listed did you feel most affected by?  What do you do for you every day? Please leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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